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10 Marketing Stats That Prove Social Media Influencers Work

Now hear this! Do not underestimate the impact of social media influencers on your digital marketing. Social media influencers are credible, have large audiences and are authentic. Influencers create higher levels of engagement. They’re also more trusted and less expensive to hire than traditional celebrities.

Influencers are also more relied upon than your average consumer. A 2016 study showed social media influencers were more credible and knowledgeable than the average person. They’re also better at explaining product use. Influencers build trust through the relationships they develop. Mostly they use their blogs and various social media platforms to connect. These relationships resonate with customers and move them to action.

Your brand message is dead on arrival if it’s not delivered by a source your customers trust.

Influencer marketing made our list of the Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017. Now we prove it with these 10 marketing statistics.

Proof Social Media Influencers Get The Job Done

We’ve compiled stats from several sources to show the power of influencers. Read on and be convinced influencers are the next key element of your marketing strategy.

1. Influencer Marketing Returns $6.50 for Every $1 Spent

Tomoson’s Influencer Marketing Study reveals this research. They say, “…marketers rate influencer marketing as their fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, outpacing organic search and email marketing.”

It’s no surprise influencer marketing is growing so quickly. Greater customer engagement and low cost make it a fantastic way to build lasting customer relationships.

2. 47% of U.S. Web Surfers Use Ad Blocking Software

Ads obviously have a negative effect on the user experience. They lead to users fighting back through increased use of blocking software.

This is bad news for traditional advertising methods. However, it has no effect on social media influencers’ blogs and platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

3. 40% of People Bought an Item Based on an Influencer’s Tweet

Twitter and Annalect’s Study reveals this result of influencers’ relationships with their followers. In addition, 20% of those surveyed shared something an influencer posted. One-third of millennials replied they follow a creator on Twitter or Vine.

4. 86% of Women Consult Social Networks Before They Buy

Social media influencers increased engagement and reliance on online recommendations impacts shopper’s choices.

Social proof has been a hot marketing topic for several years. Now we’re seeing it’s evolution in the increased reach of social media influencers.

5. 70% of Teen Youtube Subscribers Trust Influencers More than Celebrities

YouTube influencers are a new kind of celebrity. They’re more respected and more engaged with their audience. They’re regular people putting themselves out there. Fans love them for it.

YouTube creators’ interactions are more like “friendships than fanships”. This builds trust in the brands they support.

6. 51% of Marketers Believe Better Customers Come from Influencer Marketing

Tomoson CEO Jeff Foster says, “Social media users tend to spend more money, and are more likely to spread the word to friends and family.”

Social media connects families in a way letters and phone calls couldn’t years ago. A Facebook post about a great new product reaches many friends and family members. Discussion results and sales are made. What marketer doesn’t like free advertising?

7. 49% of People Rely on Influencer Product Recommendations

Only tweets from friends are relied upon more. But not much more, at 56%.

This says something powerful about the relationships social media influencers form. These relationships are stronger and more meaningful than relationships we have with celebrities.

8. Almost 60% of Beauty and Fashion Brands Have an Influencer Strategy. Another 21% Will Invest in One Within the next 12 Months

“A list” celebrities are losing their influence to fashion bloggers. This means it’s time to re-evaluate your brand strategy. It’s crucial because social media influencers are very important to product launches. Makes perfect sense given the success of online marketing joint ventures.

A marketer creates a high-quality email campaign and sends it to his mailing list. The emails contain CTA’s with links to the JV partner’s new product. The influencer’s relationship with his tribe leads to sales for his JV partner.

Influencers use a similar strategy through their extensive social media networks. And they don’t have to create more infrastructure.

9. 84% of Marketers Say They’ll Launch an Influencer Campaign over the next Year

Not only that, but 81% of those who’ve already launched one are happy with their results. What’s not to be happy about given the lower costs and increased ROI?

Using social media influencers for content creation and promotion takes advantage of their relationships with potential customers. Influencers are also accomplished in product launches and event management

10. Influencer Marketing Delivers 11 times Higher Roi than Traditional Digital Marketing

Influencers had a feeling this was true but didn’t have the evidence to back it up, until recently.

Francesca Cruz of Tapluence commented, “Great content is expensive to create and yet it rarely gets seen because most companies publish it on their own channels. Brands end up paying for distribution and content creation. Influencer Marketing, however, delivers both content creation and distribution for a much cheaper price, is more authentic, more engaging and drives ROI at an order of magnitude greater than all other forms of digital media.”

Influencers add to your bottom line and now there’s data to prove it.

The Wrap Up

We’ve established the importance of social media in your marketing campaigns. Also. You now have clear and compelling evidence of how influencers drive customer behavior. The Kardashians, Taylor Swift and Matthew McConaughey are losing their influence. People are listening to Seth Godin, Zoella Suggs, and Joanna Gaines in their place.

Influencers reach their followers in ways others can’t. Our desire to connect with people leads us to them. Influencers’ desire to provide value and gain our trust creates strong relationships. These relationships are producing some of the best marketing we’ve seen. They’re also doing it through lower cost channels.

The statistics we reviewed are a powerful statement on the effectiveness of influencers. The best part is there’s still room for explosive growth in the coming years.

What is your experience with social media influencers? Leave a comment below. It’s time to get the discussion started.

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