About Me

A little bit about me… I started out building web servers and provided web design services back in school. (for those of you who could remember, that was the era of Friendster, before Facebook took over the world) Later on, I started a couple of blog sites experimenting with different SEO methods, dabbled with Facebook Ads and the rest is pretty much history.

I love anything related to digital marketing. I run a couple of mini sites / projects during my free time, not for profit, but to try out different ideas. Most of these projects end up in the trash when they don’t work out. But I learn through the process, finding out what works and what doesn’t.

The objective of this blog is to document my learning or ideas related to digital marketing. And hopefully this in turn would help other digital marketers around the world in whatever they are doing.

Why the name ClickTapConvert? “Click” refers to the web from a desktop user’s perspective where a mouse click is the main form of interaction. “Tap” refers to the web from a mobile user’s perspective where a tapping action is used to interact. And finally “Convert” refers to achieving the objective via digital marketing.

Have a question or feedback, feel free to drop me a note.